Here are some unsolicited testimonials we’ve received from our consumers of  Nutri Lifescience Bergamonte:

When I read the study I remember thinking “Wow, it would be great if I could lower my cholesterol like that, but does it really work?”. After using this product for three months, on and off, my cholesterol readings was down by 16.4%, and more important, my triglycerides and LDL levels dropped 20%.  All this with no other lifestyle or diet change. Just taking the capsules each day produced these results.

I continue to be amazed when I donated my blood and noticed my blood result for cholesterol continue to further improve to 174 from 210 after months of taking Bergamonte.

Joe ~ Joe


Before taking Nutri Lifescience Bergamonte, I used to have high LDL, high triglycerides and Blood Glucose was usually borderline (see result below). When I received my lab result,  I decided to make a brief comparison to see the effectiveness of Bergamonte and any  improvement after taking Bergamonte 500 mg/ day. I was so thrilled to know that my HDL is now improved by 20.8% while LDL is down by 5%, VLDL down significantly by 38.1%, triglycerides down by 37.9% and blood glucose improved by 9.4%.  This is after three months of taking Bergamonte 500mg daily.

In addition,  my friends told me that I have lost quite a bit of  weight and look healthier. My weight has reduced to the ideal weight without skipping any meals. I guess Bergamonte is also good for weight management.

Below chart is comparison before taking, after taking and Published Research studies Fitoterapia 82 (shown on this site).



~   Jessie


BEFORE: My total cholesterol level was above normal level which was about 6.1 mmol/L (235.88mg/dI)  before I started consuming Nutri LifeScience Bergamonte® capsule due food with high carbohydrate and

AFTER:  I started consuming only 2 capsules of Nutri LifeScience Bergamonte® each morning before breakfast. After 30 days my total cholesterol level dropped to controlled level which is about 5.3 mmol/L (204.95 mg/dL) without changing my diet. I also found out that my blood sugar level also decreased by 0.4.

Chuah   ~ Chuah,  Malaysia



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