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Nutri Testo: The Natural Solution to Healthy Physical Intimacy

According to the Urology Care Foundation, about 40% of males over age 45 suffer from low testosterone––or “hypogonadism.” Similarly, the MacDonald Women’s Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, reports that approximately 45% of females suffer from low estrogen after menopause. Whether physical or psychological in nature, there are various lifestyle shifts that anyone dealing with this condition can implement to help stimulate their libido once again. *


  1. Reduce your alcohol intake and, if possible, consider replacing any prescription drugs with natural or holistic alternatives.
  2. Ensure that your body receives 6–8 hours of restorative and uninterrupted sleep each night, without any mobile distractions.
  3. Incorporate a mindfulness practice––like yoga, meditation or journaling––into your daily routine to achieve emotional balance.
  4. Eliminate artificial ingredients, refined sugars and chemical preservatives in exchange for a nutrient–dense whole foods diet.
  5. Make fitness a consistent and sustainable aspect of your lifestyle, but don’t force your body beyond its physical threshold.
  6. Seek professional counseling if you struggle with any issues like depression, anxiety or lack of relational intimacy, for example.
  7. Consume a nutritional supplement that has been clinically shown to help counteract the adverse effects of sexual dysfunction.

Collage of healthy lifestyle

Made from the plant-based extract of Tongkat Ali––or “Malaysian Ginseng––traditionally used to enhance testosterone health, Nutri Testo can promote hormonal balance to restore your libido naturally. This supplement contains LJ100, a patented active ingredient that benefits both male and female sex drive, as supported by numerous research studies.


Formulated in easy–to–swallow capsule form, Nutri Testo can be taken every day to complement other healthy living initiatives. So, if you currently experience issues with sexual interest or function, consider making this supplement from Nutri Lifescience an integral part of your commitment to full–body wellness.


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* Ratini, Melinda, DO, MS, and Emma Alvarez Gibson. “Low Libido: How It Happens and How to Treat It.” 2008.


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