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Studies at Rutgers University & North Carolina State Univ on Maqui

Maqui Tree“Scientists at Rutgers University and North Carolina State University find that extracts from maqui berry (Aristotelia chilensis) may help prevent blood sugar spikes and help type 2 diabetics avoid further complications.

An anthocyanin-rich formulation from maqui berry was associated with improvements in fasting blood glucose levels in addition to better glucose tolerance in diabetic obese mice, according to findings published in the journal Food Chemistry.

“To our knowledge, this is the first report describing the anti-diabetic properties and potential mode of action of maqui berry anthocyanins,” researchers reported.

“As maqui berry’s anthocyanins are regularly consumed as fresh fruits or juice concentrates, we propose [the anthocyanin-rich formulation] as a novel natural source of potentially safe anti-diabetic compounds.”

Led by Rutgers’ Leonel Rojo, the researchers investigated the potential anti-diabetic effects of an anthocyanin-rich extract of maqui berry in obese, diabetic mice.

Results showed that seven weeks of supplementing a high-fat diet with the maqui berry extract “improved fasting blood glucose levels and glucose tolerance in hyperglycemic obese mice.”

Rojo and his co-workers said that additional studies will need to elucidate how the maqui anthocyanins are absorbed or eliminated, as well as their potential interactions with the intestinal microflora.

“Further investigations into the effects of [maqui berry] on the glucose metabolism of type 2 diabetes patients will need to be completed for the most effective use of [maqui berry] for the treatment and prevention of the disease.”

Food Chemistry 131(2): 387-396, 2012


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