Nutri Lifescience Bergamonte

1) Why Bergamonte® and not others?

Bergamonte® is a standardized polyphenolic extract derived from Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) using a patented extraction technology. Its high content of citrus bioflavonoids helps to support cardiovascular health, as well as proper blood sugar metabolism.  Bergamonte is gentle on your system yet effective, especially when combined with a heart-healthy diet.

It is important to read the label. We encourage you to read the label.

2)  How many capsules do I take daily?

The suggested dosage is two capsules twice daily on an empty stomach before lunch and dinner during the first 3 months, then two capsules once daily for subsequent months for maintenance. It is highly recommend knowing your current lab results before beginning the process, then undergo another lab test after three or six months of daily usage to determine the effectiveness of this product. Individual results typically vary. For those have fatty liver, it is recommended to take 2 capsules twice daily for at least first 6 months.  It is similar concept as if you are trying to grow more hair. 

3)  How long does a bottle of Nutri Lifescience Bergamonte last?

A bottle of Bergamonte contains 60 vegetarian capsules. If you follow the suggested dosage, it will last two weeks for first month if you take two capsules twice daily (four capsules per day).


4)  What is the capsule size?

It is a typical capsule and it is easier to swallow compared to tablet.


5)  How do I store Nutri Lifescience Bergamonte?

Keep away from direct sunlight and heat. Store at 75F or below.